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The field Identifies As in the patient profile enables the user to select the patients preferred gender identity.


There are 7 enforced entries that come delivered with v17.1 and are found in the new Gender Identity Dictionary. The enforced entries cannot be modified, but they can be inactivated if needed. Users can add new entries to the dictionary and tie them to appropriate SNOMED codes.

Additional Details

Delivered Enforced Dictionary Entries

Dictionary Entry SNOMED Code
Male 446141000124109
Female 446141000124107
Female-to-Male/Transgender Male 407377005
Male-to-Female/Transgender Female 407376001
Genderqueer 446131000124102
Chose not to disclose nullFlavor ASKU
Additional gender category or other nullFlavor OTH

Keep in mind that long display names will take up room on the patient banner so adding entries with shortened display names may be desired to keep the window easier to read.


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