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November 24, 2005

Company Bio

Galen Healthcare Solutions' resources have been involved in over 150 Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementations, ranging from 6 physician specialty practices to 1200 physician IDNs. Galen is a leader of the paperless movement and offers a vast array of skills including database architecture, senior project management, and implementation.

Galen Healthcare Solutions was founded on the belief that our client-side implementation expertise could add value to Allscripts TouchWorks EHR, the premier ambulatory electronic health record. Since its inception, Galen has watched this conviction become a reality. We currently work with hundreds of clients nationwide and have over eighty experts on the Galen team working in a variety of roles. Our knowledgeable team is what drives our partners’ successful deployments, and its what makes Galen the only Allscripts Platinum Plus partner for TouchWorks.

Company Mission

Our Mission is to support our partner clients in their efforts to embrace technology.

At Galen, we strongly believe in sharing our success and giving back to our community. One of our driving tenets is “Perpetually Learn and Share”. For Galen team members, it’s not simply an expectation to develop one’s knowledge of Allscripts EHR and its latest releases, but a requirement. Furthermore, we foster a collaborative environment where this experience and knowledge is communicated to the entire team. This has been instrumental to our success and ensures that, when working with a Galen team member, our partners gain full access to the resources that define our organization.

It’s Galen’s philosophy to share our expertise not only with our clients, but also with the EHR community. We’ve established multiple forums for knowledge sharing, including this Wiki, in the hope that we can collectively educate the industry. Please look around and investigate our Wiki page. Content is added daily, so be sure to make return visits. Galen encourages all visitors to register for an account and become a part of the collaboration. It’s the Galen way.

Tag Line

Enabling physician groups to realize the full potential of Electronic Health Records

Solving Today, Preparing For Tomorrow

Name Derivation

Galen of Pergamum (AD 129 –ca. 200 or 216), an ancient Greek physician, is widely recognized as the second father of modern medicine, having revived the art of Greek medicine and humorism, created by Hippocrates in the late 4th century, BC. More information can be found by selecting this link

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