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If the user dictated with Dragon:

  • If a Macro was used, it needs to be formatted as plain text. Otherwise, when it is inserted into the TWEHR Note, it will be corrupted. Allscripts only supports Plain Text formatting.

  • If the user dictated into the Dragon Text Box, and then transferred the text to TWEHR Note, the user needs to transfer to a Text Box in the NAW, then “Push” the text down to the accumulator. By doing this, the text is re-formatted to the Plain Text format that Allscripts requires.

To correct the notes that are already corrupted, edit the note. Copy the text from the Accumulator at the bottom of the note and paste it into a text box in the NAW. Then “Push” the text back down to the Accumulator. After verifying that the new text displays correctly, delete the original text that was corrupted.

Other possibilities include:

  • Check installed fonts.
  • Ensure fonts are standard size as very small fonts may lead to "greeking"
  • Could be a bug with the XML build.


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