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Originally aired: Friday, April 1, 2011
Presenter: Kim Baxter

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Q: In 11.2 will you be able to have Med Admin and Immunization Admin tasks filtered by site in the same view?

A: Not that we are aware of. Might we suggest utilizing a worklist for this type of situation versus a task view.

Q: Can you place security on task names to restrict them from users?

A: Yes, you can. For example: Tasks for a confidential patient can only be routed between users with the Confidential Patients security code. Any task, in its entirety, concerning a confidential patient will not be available for users without the Confidential Patients security code. This is important to note because users with the Confidential Patients security code do not see directly that a patient is confidential. If one of those users creates a task for a confidential patient and tasks a user who does not have the Confidential Patients security code, the task creator will receive a warning message indicating that the user does not have access to the patient. The sender may still choose to send the task; however, the task will not display for the assigned user and will be lost. This can be done in SSMT via the Task Name Content Category.

Q: Is there a way to prevent all of the output templates from a note creating a 'sign note' task? This is a problem for our providers because it is showing two tasks for the same patient.

A: No, there is not a preference setting to selectively turn off the tasks generated from secondary output templates. However, the provider does not want one of the outputs they can simply uncheck it from the list while in the note to prevent it from generating. Also to aid in the physician in signing multiple items at once the use of the batch sign option is available.

Q: Two questions. 1. Have you heard of why there is sometimes a delay for when a task is sent to when it is received on a task list? There was an issue at an office and the task appeared hours later. 2nd question - we are a multi-specialty organization with 60+ physician offices - all are using tasking, many have teams assigned. Is there an easy way to limit the master list of teams from the assign to when creating a task? We are on V11.1.7.

A: 1. This has been seen before with some versions of V11.1.7. Be sure to check your refresh preferences. These are listed under Admin, Preferences and you can narrow down your search by placing the word “refresh” in the caption box and search. This rate is in Minutes as you can see. Just make sure that is not set to an extreme number of minutes. We will continue to research and post any updates to this issue that we might find. 2. There is no way to currently limit or remove items from your search list for organization if you are a sharing org.