Custom Cleanup Solutions

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This webcast will review the custom cleanup solutions offered at Galen. We will have an overview of each solution along with a demonstration to see the before and after in TouchWorks after the scripts have been run.

Presentation Materials

Download the slide deck Presented May 14, 2014


Q: What happens if we want to stop the cleanup halfway through or if something goes wrong?

A: We make back ups of all of the relevant tables and can reverse engineer the scripts to revert changes in the case of an emergency.

Q: How much can we get the scripts customized?

A: We can customize any of the scripts to meet the needs of your organization. Also, if you have another need that wasn't higlighted today we can work with you to create a script that works for your needs. The problem solution cleanup was created because we had a client that came to us needing a custom solution that we hadn't previously created.

Q: How can we make sure that users and providers know that the items were completed from the cleanup and not from provider workflow?

A: We can add an annotation or text to the solutions, as well as create a custom cleanup provider to differentiate the items completed automatically from the script so that it will not be confusing for users to know which items were related to the cleanup solution.