Creating System DSN ODBC Sources

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Windows 2003

  1. Select Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Data Sources (ODBC)
  2. Select the System Tab across the top of the window.
    System dsn odbc.JPG
  3. Select the Add button and select SQL Server (usually near the bottom of the list).
    Add odbc sql server.JPG
  4. Select the Finish button.
  5. Provide a unique Name and Identifying Description and select your SQL Server Host from the drop-down list. Note: You may need to manually type this in.
    Odbc select host.JPG
  6. Select the Next button.
  7. In most Allscripts systems, when creating a new System ODBC, you will need select the option With SQL Server authentication using a login ID and password entered by the user. You may need to request this information from your support contact.
    Odbc password.JPG
  8. Select the Next button.
  9. Select the checkbox Change the default Database to. You will then need to select the database that you are looking to connect to. A common example will be the Works database.
    Odbc select database.JPG
  10. Select the Next button.
  11. Leave all of the default settings checked and click the Finish button.
    Odbc finish.JPG