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The Copy Forward function is used to move data from one note to another note for various reasons. For example, the wrong note type was chosen or the note was associated with the wrong encounter date. In this example, a Follow Up note was mistakenly started when it should have been a Brief Est. Pt. note.

1. With the patient in context, open the correct note type. See highlighted in top left corner, Brief Est. Pt. Note type. ( Tammy Test is not a real patient)


2. Click Copy Forward at the bottom of Note


3. A Select Note to Copy From window appears.


4. Select the Note to copy from.


5. Click Copy All if all of the data is to be transferred or Copy Select to select what will be transferred. Copy All will immediately transfer the data to the new note. Copy Select will render a new dialog box from which to choose what is to be transferred. Select the data and click OK.

6. The new Note is ready to be used.


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