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Content Sets are used to create specific groups of content (note forms) that can be pulled into a v11 note across different note sections.


Content Set functionality comes delivered with v17.1 and there is no additional setup required.

Additional Details

Content Sets are good for users who have set up basic Note forms, such as Office visit or Progress Note. With Content sets the user can determine what forms pull in for the patient that they are seeing and why they are being seen. Prior to v17.1 unless notes were set to auto configure by diagnosis, the user would have to open the note and then go to each section to get the forms they wanted to pull into the Note.

With Content Sets users can click on the Content sets button in the NAW and then choose the content set that would meet the needs of the visit.

Example: Female patient is being seen for Chest Pain

Content set previously created by user:

  • HPI Form
Chest Pain
Chest Pain Female
Chest Pain Male
Chest Pain PE Female
Chest Pain PE Male

When the user selects that Content sets all forms in that content set filter into the note in the appropriate sections with one click. If the content set is set up to pull in sections based on Gender only the Female forms would pull into the note since our example patient was female. Note forms can also be set to pull forms by specialty and age if needed.

  • Users with Phys Admin security rights can create and manage content sets from the Phys Admin>By Module>Note>Content Sets
  • Users with the ability to create and edit v11 notes can create and manage content sets from the Note Authoring Workspace
  • Users can subscribe to content sets owned by other users, but they cannot edit those content sets as they are not the owner


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