Chief Complaint Driven vs. Problem Driven Note

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In v11 Note, it is possible to configure the HPI section of the Note to auto-populate with Note Forms. To accomplish this, you must check Auto-Config when building this section of the note in Note Admin. This will allow the user to choose either a Chief Complaint Driven or Problem Driven note....or for that matter a note that is "driven" by both methods.

A Chief Complaint Driven Note means that the HPI section of the note will auto-populate with note form(s) that are linked to the Chief Complaint(s) documented for the patient. To achieve this, the user must perform the following steps:

  • Start New Note by selecting a Visit Type from the Note Selector
  • Click on the Add/Remove Chief Complaints section and click on the desired Chief Complaints.

Once the Chief Complaints are saved, the Note Authoring Workspace (NAW) will fill the screen, where the user will see note form(s) that have auto-populated into the HPI section that pertain to that patient's chosen chief complaint(s).

To initiate a Problem Driven Note and therefore have the note auto-populate the HPI section with Note Forms that pertain to the patient's assessed problems, you must perform the following steps:

  • With the patient in context and prior to clicking Start New Note
  • Navigate to the Problem component on the Clinical Toolbar
  • Put a check in the box next to the problem and/or problems that are to be assessed for today's visit
  • On the Clinical Toolbar click Start New Note and choose your Visit Type then click OK.

Similar to the Chief Complaint driven note, the user will notice that the HPI section of the note will auto-populate with note form(s) that are linked to the problem(s) that were assessed prior to the creation of the note in context.