ChartViewer Freezes upon Re-connect via RDP

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The setup: users connect to a remote machine via RDP to access TouchWorks, disconnecting and reconnecting via RDP, not logging in and out of Windows each time. When the user disconnects from the remote machine, they are in TouchWorks under ChartViewer. They reconnect and TouchWorks freezes for approximately 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, everything works fine.

This issue appeared on ClearCube thin-clients (they run XP Embedded). They also had the Generic / Text Only printer installed and shared their printers (Remote Desktop client setup) when connecting via RDP.


The Generic / Text Only printer appeared to cause this issue. Remove this printer from the client PC and you’re all set. You can also disable the sharing of the printer resource with the remote machine in the Remote Desktop Connection setup. Just go to Local Resources in the setup and uncheck Printers (under Local Devices). Disabling the sharing of printers is the recommended solution, as there may be printers aside from Generic / Text Only that cause this same issue.


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