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Webcast Details

Presented on Friday, Januuary 17, 2014

Hosts: Crystal Vervaecke & Christy Erickson

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Q: Do you know of any clients using Immunization Registry in Indiana state?

A: No, recommend to post on Client Connect or follow up with your local Regional User Group.

Q: We have tested Immunization Record Admin on HF 3 for 11.4.1 and aren't seeing the Patient Consent being required for historical entries, presenters will validate on HF 3.

A: Validated post webcast and in another client envrionment for HF 3 and immunization history is still requiring pt consent to be required. May be related state specific requirements.

Q: Which types of messages would one sink and why?

A: If you are receiving multiple types of ADT messages from one comm point and you only need ADTA40s (Merge patient), you could chose to sink everything else.

Q: When you save a search, is it user specific or do all users have the ability to access the saved search?

A: The saved search is user specific.

Q: Is there a way to quickly find the routes that are stopped or have a warning?

A: The engine monitor page should have a list of the most current alarms and warnings for the environment. You can also filter through comm points or routes with a status of Alarm, Warning, Stopped, or Escalated in the Communication Points or the Routes page.