Business Continuity Planning: Documentation During EMR Downtime

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The headlines jump off the page: “Network Glitch Brings Down EMR,” “Nurses Want Probe Into EMR Failure,” “Setback After EMR Crashes,” “What to Do When IT Disaster Strikes,” and “Lessons Learned From an Extended EHR Outage.” When the EMR goes down what happens next is as important as what happened moments before, including a potential transition to manual documentation.

With patient care being intertwined, EMR technology is indispensable at many facilities. Unexpected downtime is rare, but when the EMR does go down, processes must be in place that enable staff to quickly access an alternative. This presentation will cover approaches to EMR business continuity including definition and documentation of workflows both within and between systems and workflows in a downtime situation. Further, most business continuity solutions will provide a copy of the patient’s chart, and the good ones will also allow for basic documentation that flows back into the patient’s electronic chart once the EMR is available again. Join us as we survey industry business continuity approaches and present best practices.

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Joe Nyiri

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Presented February 14, 2017

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