Avoiding Optimization Impacts Patient Care

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Optimization is about more than user experience/satisfaction! It can have direct financial impacts to any organization from direct staffing costs associated with inefficiency to untapped revenue gains. Too often, organizations rely on improved user satisfaction or reduction of clicks as their main goal of their optimization project which can be very subjective and seen as a project failure. This webcast will highlight Galen’s methodology with a client success story and how we developed well defined, objective measures that led to an increased provider satisfaction meeting client goals and improving efficiency. We’ll also present how healthcare reform will require organizations to re-think today’s patient visit to meet the demands of payment reform and where an optimization project can assist your organization.

Originally aired: Friday August, 21, 2015
Presenters: Becky Matias and Christy Erickson

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Q: Is there somewhere a step by step instructions on how to setup and run a Query???

A: The reference to the query reviewed during this webinar was a SQL query that can be developed if you have a database administrator who can develop SQL queries in the Clinical Database: Works to gather the information you need when developing metrics for your optimization programs.