Assign Clinical Desktop Views to Users

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Assign Clinical Desktop Views or V11 Note Views to Users

  • Note: a default Clinical Desktop View can only be set at the user level.

This can be done via TWAdmin or SSMT. For general instructions on how to use SSMT please see the SSMT page.

*Note: when using SSMT both SITE and ORG NAME need to be populated in order for the clincial desktop view to stick

To assign Desktop Views or Note Views to users:

  • Login as TWAdmin
  • Select Work Def Admin
  • Select the View that you would like to assign


  • Select if this is an Enterprise or Organization View


  • Select User/Providers that you would like to have this view
  • With the User/Provider name highlighted, click the down arrow to add them to the list of assigned users



  • Click on the save button to assign views


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