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Checking Release Version and Hot Fix Numbers


  • The version of TouchWorks that you are running can be found in two places.
    • You can look on the login page at the horizontal bar in the center of the page. You'll see something like this: "TouchWorks". The number is the current version of TouchWorks. This does not include the current Hot Fix level.
    • You can look at the VersionNumber table in the Works database. SELECT * FROM Works..VersionNumber ORDER BY VersionNumber DESC
      • This will give you a lot of information about all Versions of TouchWorks and their current build or release dates. You'll want to look for the current VersionNumber, e.g. 10.2.0 and look at the BuildNumber to give you the current version/build. Looking at this table can be very helpful if, say, you need to know the latest quarterly release of Medcin is installed.

Hot Fix level

  • The Hot Fix level must be checked within the Works database, in the HotFix table.
  • You need to filter by the current BuildNumber for the current version in the VersionNumber table.
  • Let's say the client is on v11.1.x. You would see in the VersionNumber table that for VersionNumber of "11.0.0" the Build Number might be "". In the HotFix table you would look for the entries where VersionNumber is "" (yes, even though that's called BuildNumber in the VersionNumber table).
  • Here's an example query: SELECT * FROM Works..HotFix WHERE VersionNumber = '' ORDER BY Number DESC

Medcin Version

  • The Medcin version must be verified on the Web Server and the DB Server
  • Medcin releases are quarterly, so you should be looking for a date that falls within a quarter
  • Some TouchWorks releases require a specific version of Medcin or higher. This is found within the TouchWorks install kit and your technical representitive should be able to provide that information.
  • When verifying the Medcin version, you should look at both the web server and DB server to verify that the versions match and are consistent.
    Checking the Web Server
    To verify the version of Medcin on the web server check the dates of the Medcin binary files in the following directories:
          /program files/AHS folder (Medcin1, Medcin2..etc)
    Checking the DB Server
    To verify the Medcin version in the database, run the following query in the Works Database:
         Select * From VersionNumber where VersionNumber = 'chMedcinSearch' 

The dates should fall within the same Quarterly release date to determine which quarter the release was published.



Hotfix Release Notes
10_2_3HF10 Release X Notes X
10_2_3HF11 Release Y Notes Y


Hotfix Release Notes
11.1.1 None
11.1.2 HF1 Numerous Fixes- See
11.1.2 HF2 Notes Y

Where to Find the latest Hot Fix

When a hotfix is released an email is sent throughout the company notifying us that it has been released.

The hotfix is then posted to

Inside of each version folder is a hotfix folder containing all of the available fixes.

Grab the latest one as each fix contains the previous hotfixes.

The documentation for the hotfix is contained within the Documentation folder within each hotfix.

The documentation will only list the fixes specific to that hotfix (even though the fix contains all previous hotfixes for that version) so you would have to grab the document from each hotfix (if there are more than1) if you want a complete list of all fixes.

Troy Frostad Upgrade Technical Manager | Enterprise Solutions 3-17-09