Allscripts Enterprise EHR - OID Pt 2 - Advanced Order Features

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Presented on Friday, March 30, 2012

Hosts: Sue D'Agostino & Steve Stahr

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Q: Can you default requested performing location search in ACI by user?

A: The RPL can't be defaulted by the user placing the order, but it can be defaulted by the Site the User is logged into. The default value is "To Be Performed" and does not default.

Q: Can you default the "To Be Performed" to come up right away. We are working to implement this, but issue we are seeing is for each order the provider would have to do this, if they don't they would see both vendor orders.

A: Investigating

Q: We have several practitioners who choose "approximately" then a date - these lab req's are then in the "On hold" status and do not transmit to the lab via interface - any pitfalls you know of with checking off transmit order when initially becomes on hold.

A: The interface and performing location would need to be prepared to potentially receive the same order more than once. Since it is only a few practitioners that do this, the 'Transmit when initially becomes Active' would still need to be checked as well. The Galen ConnectR resource I checked with didn't have a concern regarding the multiple messages transmitting thru the interface, but advised that the performing location would need to be prepared to avoid complications in their system.