Allscripts Enterprise EHR - OID Pt 1 - Basics of the OID

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Presented on Friday, February 17, 2012

Hosts: Sue D'Agostino & Steve Stahr

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Q: Is the character limit 255 for the Comments to performing location as well?

A: This is another Comments field in the Order Details (it might be hardcoded at the item level). It would be limited to 255.

Q: We currently charge our labs on order entry which prevents us from using recurring & future labs as the charge drops with the wrong date. Can you recommend a better way of doing this in V11?

A: If Live on Charge, what happens if patient never shows for lab order to be completed? Would recommend charging on collection or completion. What about Order Reminders?

Q: How would you recommend that we build/place orders when we have one of our practices that order a lab for a patient but the patient goes to another of our practices for the specimen collection because it is closer to their home?

A: Using a worklist for the lab staff. Have a 'hold for' specimen collection or 'satisfy reason' of patient arrives for labwork. Make sure that staff are working off of the schedule to ensure correct encounter being used.

Q: Does the 'Flowsheeet graph' piece within Resultable Item include 'IH Results' or just syncing results from vendors?

A: Yes. Any resultable can be "Considered Equivalent for Flowsheet". This allows an IH and a lab result to be lined up for analysis.

Q: The Never combine with other orders onto 1 requisition, will this allow the user on the front end to not have to create a second encounter in order to trigger a new eReq #?

A: If an order has this option checked, a new encounter would not be needed to separate the order from others.