ACI Enhancements 11.1.7

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These enhancements apply to the list of specialties in the Add Clinical Item (ACI) History Builder or Rx/Orders tab Specialty Favorites drop-down lists.

  • Specialty Favorites List
    • Changed to a two-part drop-down list. The first section begins with My Favorites, followed by the most recently-used specialties. The second section lists remaining specialties.
    • Maximum display of 12 specialties. Use scroll bar to view the remaining specialties.
  • Buttons (on Clinical Toolbar)
    • Existing Buttons (Problem, Rx, Lab/Diag)
      • Drop-down menu for each of the main ACI tabs
    • New Buttons
      • Clinician Choice - navigates to pre-defined ACI tab
      • Problem-based Orders - navigates to either CareGuides or QSets
  • Context Menu
    • Right-click context menu items in the ACI are more consistent with those available in the Clinical Desktop, and are available for the following ACI workspaces:
      • Problems
      • Meds/Orders
      • Allergies
  • Search
    • Results list now begins with the letter selected
    • Results now appear in a single or multiple-column list - Icons have been added to the ACI that allow users to easily move from a single column to multiple columns of data.