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Webcast Overview

Let Galen’s expert EHR Technicians help you: Understand the basics of virtualization (including key terms and concepts), increase knowledge of general enterprise virtualization solutions, understand best practice for virtualization of Enterprise EHR server roles, and understand how application and virtual desktop delivery technologies can be used to present Enterprise EHR sessions to your end users.


Delivered 7/12/2012: Download slideshow


Q: Can Enterprise EHR interface servers be virtualized?

A: No, Allscripts and GE do not currently support or endorse virtualization of interface servers.

Q: What type of disks/storage is used for larger virtualization installations?

A: A Storage Area Network (SAN) with iSCSI or Fibre Channel connectivity is typically used in larger virtualization installations. This common storage platform consolidates and simplifies disk management, and allows virtual machines to be started on any one of many hosts connected to the SAN.

Q: Do virtualization solutions need to be aligned (i.e. Citrix XenServer required with XenApp)

A: It can be beneficial to share a common vendor, but most solutions are interchangeable. For example, Citrix XenApp can be used for published applications while running on a Windows Server virtual machine on VMware's hypervisor. Check with your vendor(s) for specific details.