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Webcast details

This will be a V11 Basic Note Build Webcast. Topics we’ll be discussing are: • The relationship between document types, input and output templates • Documenting in a Chief Complaint driven note • Document Type Dictionary • Brief overview of noteforms and text templates • Note input templates and defining sections, including 11.4 additions • Output templates • Assigning a new output template to a chart section

Originally aired: Friday, June 20, 2014 Presenter: Sue D'Agostino, RN

Questions & Answers from the Webcast

Q: When you change note type after opening a note from the schedule, will the vitals etc created when rooming the patient carry to the new note template?

A: Because the vitals, meds, problems and so on are cited lists, not documentation being manually entered into the note, if the new note was built to have those items cited in, they will carry to the new note. And, to go further, if the user entered vitals in the note, realized that they needed to change the note but committed the vitals first, the vitals would still cite into the new note based on the logic of the new note being built to cite vitals in.

Q: You mentioned that a single input can have multiple outputs, what is the limit on the amount of outputs?

A: I am unaware of an actual limit of outputs, however, too many ( over 10) does affect the performance of the note, delays opening of the note and could cause errors.

Q: What are some of the problems you have seen using CMT?

A: CMT (content managment tool) is a very helpful tool to move note templates and noteforms from one environment to another. A few issues I personally have experienced were when moving a note template, not all noteforms moved, on one occasion earlier versions of several noteforms were moved (not the current), and was unable to search and move several noteforms.

Slides from Webcast

Click here for the presentation slides- http://wiki.galenhealthcare.com/images/5/50/V11_Basic_Note_.pdf