TW Commit doesn't turn yellow

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In reading the documentation for Integrated Prenatal using the Tab instead of the button, it appears that utilizing the new icons for problems, allergies etc...from within prenatal to add items to both prenatal and EHR should cause the TW Commit button to light up in order to add the items to both places. This was not happening as of summer 2016. The button would work when following this workflow:

1. Add a new problem, saving the change
2. Go to the clinical desktop in EHR to see if the problem shows up there (which it should)
3. Commit from the clinical desktop (the commit button is yellow), then go back to the prenatal tab to see the newly added problem

This was/is not consistent with what the documentation since it states that a user should be able to push the TW Commit button within the Prenatal Module, which should auto refresh so that the newly added problem or med or allergy etc....)can be seen

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