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Exporting reports to ExcelExtract and Load via SSMTExtracting Notes from SQL Server Management Studio
FAQ: Can I verbally navigate a clinical desktop (.Net) with Dragon?FAQ: What is the Clinical Applicability checkbox in the Additional Information dictionary?
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Flowsheets are not viewable?Flu shotFollow-up/Referral Worklist
Font size in a note form section is not displaying correctly.Force User to Send the Note for Attending Physician SignatureForm did not change?
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GalenETLGalen Healthcare Solutions
Galen Interface SolutionsGalen PCMH Webcast 4 Care Coordination and Performance Improvement and Quality Programs 6.24.16Galen Products Overview
Galen Products WebcastGalen Success Story
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: ADA Diabetes Risk (2013 Update)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: ARIC Coronary Heart Disease RiskGalen eCalcs - Calculator: ASCVD Risk
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: AUA Symptom ScoreGalen eCalcs - Calculator: AUA Symptom Score (for prostate disease)
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Annual Health AssessmentGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Asthma Control Test
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Bariatric SurgeryGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index (BASDAI)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Body Surface Area
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Breast Cancer RiskGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Brief Alcohol/Drug/Tobacco ScreenGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Brief Alcohol and Drug Screen
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: CAGE Alcohol ScreeningGalen eCalcs - Calculator: CEAP Classification for Chronic Venous DisordersGalen eCalcs - Calculator: CHA2DS2-VASc for Risk of Stroke
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: CHADS2 for Risk of StrokeGalen eCalcs - Calculator: COPD Assessment TestGalen eCalcs - Calculator: CRAFFT Screening Questions
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: CVRiskEstimatorGalen eCalcs - Calculator: CV RiskGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Caloric Requirements
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Child-Pugh ScoreGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Clinical COPD QuestionnaireGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Corrected QT Interval
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Corrected Serum Calcium for AlbuminGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Coumadin DosingGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Creatinine Clearance
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Creatinine Clearance (MDRD)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Crohn's Activity IndexGalen eCalcs - Calculator: D.I.R.E Score
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: DAS28Galen eCalcs - Calculator: DASS21 (Depression/Anxiety/Stress)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Dialysis Time Estimator
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Duke Treadmill ScoreGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Edinburgh Postnatal Depression ScaleGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale (ESAS)
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Epworth Sleepiness ScaleGalen eCalcs - Calculator: FRAX WHO Fracture RiskGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Falls Risk Assessment
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Falls ScreeningGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Final Parental Height (FPH) Child Height PredictionGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Framingham Risk (2015)
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Framingham Risk for General CVDGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Framingham Risk for Heart AttackGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Framingham Stroke Risk
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Free and Bioavailable TestosteroneGalen eCalcs - Calculator: GAD-7 Gen. Anxiety Disorder
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: GRACE ACS RiskGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Growth VelocityGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Gupta Perioperative Risk
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Has BledGalen eCalcs - Calculator: HbA1c To Glucose ConverterGalen eCalcs - Calculator: IPSS
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Ideal Body Weight (All Ages)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Ideal Body Weight (Hamwi)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS)
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Knee Society ScoreGalen eCalcs - Calculator: LACE Index Scoring ToolGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Lung Cancer Screening Recommendation
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: M-CHATGalen eCalcs - Calculator: MELD Score for Liver DiseaseGalen eCalcs - Calculator: MELD Score for Liver Disease (w/ Na)
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Medication Adherence Rating ScaleGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Mid-Parental Target Height (Tanner)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Mini Mental Status Exam
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Mood Disorder QuestionnaireGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Narcotic Equivalency ConverterGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Newborn Weight Loss Percentage
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Opioid Morphine Equivalent Dose CalculatorGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Opioid Risk Tool
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Oswestry Disability Index (ODI)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Oxford Hip Score
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: PHQ-A (PHQ-9 for Adolescents)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: PHQ - 9 (Depression Screening)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: PHQ - A (PHQ-9 Adolescent)
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: PHQ - A (PHQ-9 for Adolescents)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: PHQ 2014 (Depression Screening)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: PRIME-MD Depression Screening
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Pediatric BMI-for-Age Z-Score CalculatorGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Pediatric Blood Pressure PercentileGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Pediatric Symptom Checklist (PSC)
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Pneumonia Severity IndexGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Post Concussion Symptom ScaleGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Predicted Peak Flow
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Pregnancy Due DatesGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Premature Baby Corrected Age
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: QFracture Risk (QFRAX)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: RAPID3Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Revised Cardiac Risk
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Reynolds Risk ScoreGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinical Disease Activity IndexGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Risk Stratification Scoring
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: S2BI Oregon - Adolescent Annual QuestionnaireGalen eCalcs - Calculator: SBIRT Screen
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: SBIRT Screening (Oregon)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: SLEDAIGalen eCalcs - Calculator: STEADI
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: STOP BANG QuestionnaireGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Simple Disease Activity Index (SDAI)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Six-Item Cognitive Impairment Test (6CIT)
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Smoking Pack Years CalculatorGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Social Determinants of Health AssessmentGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Tobacco Screening
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Tufts DPP Risk EstimatorGalen eCalcs - Calculator: Venous Severity Scoring (VSS)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Vulnerable Elders Survey (VES-13)
Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Wells Score (DVT Risk)Galen eCalcs - Calculator: Wound CalculatorGalen eCalcs - Module: Anticoag Module
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In v10.2.4, the following three preferences are available: PrescribeAuthCII, PrescribeAuthCIIIoV and PrescribeAuthorization. I cannot find these same preferences in v11.1.2. Has their name changed?Inactive Providers/User TasksInboundOrder Interface Auth
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