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Refers to the Ownership Authority and Finalization Authority levels set for each user.

Ownership Authority

Ownership Authority is used to determine who can own a specific Note. In order for the user to own a note, the note must have an ownership value at or less than the value assigned to this user.

Finalization Authority

This allows the user to finalize a note, where the note has a finalization value at or less than the value assigned to this user. Note finalization value is set in document type dictionary. (The purpose of this functionality is for the provider to be notified if/when a user makes an amendment to a finalized note. He would receive a task if this action occurred to resign the note).

If a user has the correct authorities to own a note, but not finalize a note, the document type can be configured to automatically prompt the user to send a co-sign note task to a user who has the proper finalization authority. This is generally used for mid-level providers who see their own patients and write their own notes, but their organization requires their notes to be co-signed by an attending provider.



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