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User Groups can be created in TW Scan using the TouchWorks Scan Tools. This allows you to setup rights that will apply to a group of users with the same job function. Users within a User Group can also have individual rights set, depending on job functions. Creating user groups will make it easier to manage roles/rights of Scan users with the same job function.


  • User Group Names for each group that will be created
  • Buttons that should be enabled for each group
  • Menu items that should be enabled for each group

See Scan User Group Set Up for a general guideline on determining these prerequisites for each scan user group within your organization.


Create New User Group

  • Login to Scan
  • Select Configure Menu then select System Security
  • Select User Groups to open the System Groups window
  • Click "Add" to open the Group Properties window
  • Type the name of the group and then click OK
  • When you return to the System Groups window, the new group name appears in the list in the top portion of the window. Click Close.

New User Group Security Setup

For each user group created, rights must be set to allow or restrict access to scan functions.

  • Click Configure Menu
  • Click System Security menu, and then select User Groups
  • Find the group for which you want to set rights
  • With the group name highlighted, click"Rights" to access the Security Rights Window.

The Security Rights Window has many tabs. On each tab, you will select the options and functions the selected group should be able to access or perform. Tabs:

  • Administrative Rights
  • System Security
  • Patient Chart
  • Documents
  • Task Basket Rights
  • File Cabinets
  • Integration Rights
"User groups can be renamed at any time without changing the users or rights that have been assigned to it. When deleting a user   
 group, all rights associated with that group will also be deleted for all users associated with it."


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