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Scan Scenarios


  • Practical in small practices/implementations (thin charts)
  • All documents immediately available in EHR
  • No paper chart
  • Work effort/cost is exponential
  • Effort spent on documents/charts which may never be used

Scan from Go Live Forward

  • No upfront cost/work effort
  • No effort spent on patients who don’t return
  • No effort spent on documents which aren’t referenced
  • Paper chart still exists for short-mid future
  • No immediate benefit from information at Go-Live being accessible

Schedule Scanning

  • Schedule Patients eCharts have immediate accessible documentation
  • Effort minimized to only scan charts of patient who are returning
  • No information readily available for 1st visit unscheduled patients
  • Additional work effort prior to Go-Live in pulling charts

Filing Scenarios

Scan All, File all to Document Type

  • Every document is in the EHR filed under the paper document title
  • Information more easily referenced
  • No consensus of tabs necessary amongst practices
  • Less build setup time per practice
  • Chart Structure is enterprise wide
  • Takes scan staff more time to file

Scan All, Partial Document Filing

  • Minimizes work effort
  • Frequently reference documents are easily accessible
  • Documents that aren’t filed to document level can always be filed to document level later
  • Documents that aren’t expected to be referenced aren’t filed to the document title initially

How Bar Coding Can Help

Future Documents

  • Filing to Document Type is automatic based on bar code
  • Master forms and master documents can include bar code
  • Consideration – bar codes need to be implemented on forms

Existing Documents

  • Practices can choose what documents they bar code
  • Document type filing is automatic to the scan process for documents that are stickered
  • Frequently referenced documents are immediately available upon Go-Live
  • Cost and effort to sticker existing documents
  • Documents that practice choose not to bar code will have to be filed manually

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