SSMT: Order Modifiers

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This page will explain how to use the Order Modifiers SSMT content category to assist in managing the item modifiers. Order modifiers are the base for modifier pick lists which are assigned to orderable items via the orderable item dictionary and engaged via the order detail screen in the EHR application.

Stored Procedures used:

  • Extracting data: Select EntryCode, EntryName, EntryMnemonic, SnoTermCODE, IsInactiveFlag From QO_Mod_DE where ID > 0 order by EntryName
  • Loading data: IMPSetOrderModifierDE

Column Listing and Descriptions

  • Entry Code - this is the unique entry code value of the order item modifier. This can never be left null and can be an alpha and/or numeric combination.
  • Full Name - this is the description of the order item modifier. This should be meaningful and is what the user will see if addressing the prompt during the ordering process.
  • Entry Mnemonic - this is the unique entry mnemonic of the order item modifier. This field may appear blank for records that are delivered with the system.
  • SnoTermCODE - indicates the SnoMed CT code for the SnoMed term that is linked to the entry; if one exists.
  • Inactive? - acceptable values for this field are:
   * Y - indicates the current entry is inactive; use to inactivate entries.
   * N - indicates the current entry is not inactive, use to create new entries.

Migration Considerations

  • No Create flag - the Inactive? flag with a parameter of N is actually used to trigger the creation of a new record AND update already existing records. If the code for the item modifier being loading already exists an update will be attempted; otherwise a new entry will be created.