Results Verification Enhancements 11.1.7

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These enhancement apply to the the v11 results verification process.

  • Worklist Enhancements
    • Results Activity Display
      • Improved display of numeric & long text result activities.
      • Right-click on result activity or result item to access context menu.
      • Double-click on result to launch result viewer.
    • Grid Header Display
      • User now has option to hide the grid header for Worklist result activities.
    • Display Mode
      • Users can now expand & restore each level of the results tree.
    • Review and Review All Action Menu Item
      • Replaces the Marked as Reviewed action menu items.
      • Accessed at bottom of toolbar or by right-clicking on the result.
      • Results are marked as reviewed leaving the results available to verify at a later time.
      • Names of users who reviewed the result & the corresponding dates are displayed in Order Viewer. This information is deleted only when result updates are received via the interface.
    • Sorts and Filters
  • Verify... and QVerify Preferences Enhancements
    • New preferences have been added to separate behavior of Verify... and QVerify. In Preferences - Results (or in the Results tab of the Clinical Toolbar Personalize form) you can now set the defaults for patient communication method, note type, note use, and showing verified results in results documents when the QVerify or Verify option is selected.