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Quality Reporting Compliance Program- QRC: Training Overview

Training of Quality Measures-offering is targeted to clients who may not have a full understanding of the quality measures specifically in understanding how the calculation is determined from based on the regulatory guidelines and/or how to configure them in their electronic health record. This service assumes the client system analyst has a solid understanding of the system administration features within the back end of the electronic health record and if not please refer to the assessment/implementation package as a better offering for the client. This would be mostly likely for a client who may have had recent turnover in their reporting department and a quick way to get their system analyst team up to speed on such initiatives as MU and PQRS.

Client Responsibilities:

  • Provide training area to accommodate the training to include: access to electronic health record system prior to training to review current set up.
  • Selection of ten (10) quality measures prior to training.

Galen Deliverables:

  • 1.5 day on site training for up to six (6) staff members
  • Provide configuration set up and workflow options for ten (10) quality measures to include the understanding of numerator/denominator/data set requirements for each measures.
  • CMS and Vendor documentation for ten (10) quality measures included.

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