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Webcast details

This webcast is designed to prepare clients to begin using the Problem Mapping Tool as required for upgrade to Enterprise 11.4. We will discuss Medcin to IMO mapping as well as provide a detailed explanation of all associated terminology and functionality. This webcast will also include a live demonstration of the PMT.

Presented: Friday, August 9, 2013

Presenters: Rita Owens and Becky Matias

Webcast materials

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Q: How many certified coders should I assign to this project? A: That is a great question. As a matter of fact the Galen folks had that same first thought. However, we realize that is not the best approach. Think for a moment about what we are actually doing here. We are mapping clinical terms. The first 2 levels of mapping are all about Provider friendly terms. This is not a conversion from ICD9 to ICD10, but rather a conversion from Medcin to IMO. The last level of required mapping pertains to Charge specifically and you will need to engage your Billing manager, but even that person does not need to be a Certified Coder.

Q: How long does it take to do the Mapping? A: There is no easy way to answer that. It is truly client specific, based on organization workflows, current LIVE modules, etc. At a very minimum, you can expect 100 to 120 of “fingers to keyboard” mapping time.

Q: We are not LIVE with Careguides and Notes yet. Do we still have to take those updates you were referring to? A: No you can wait and do this after your upgrade to 11.4 or 11.4.1.