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This webcast will discuss the v11.4 Speed to Value Process from a Project Manager perspective, as well as the new functionality details specific to v11.4 from an Upgrade Consultant’s perspective, specifically ICD-10 updates and Meaningful Use Stage II information.


Delivered 1/18/2013 by Matt Leyva and Kristie Gilbert: Download slideshow

Q & A

Q: Does the delivered Base 11.4 come with the capability to attest for stage 2?

A: No, that will be in 11.4.1 which we will do future presentations on..

Q: When will my practice need to be ICD compliant?

A: Health and Human Services (HHS) has proposed a revised compliance date of October 1, 2014.

Q: What is the duration of the Upgrade Engagement/Stage?

A: Here are the guidelines to help give an idea of duration: It will vary per client but Stage III is expected to be 6-10 weeks. Level 1, small, least complex is 6 weeks. Level 2, midsize, more complex client is 8 weeks. Level 3, Larger, most complex client would be 10 weeks.

Q: What do I do to plan for my Enterprise EHR 11.4 upgrade and when can I start?

A: Planning should begin for your upgrade right now. Use ClientConnect to Stay Current on the latest TWHR v11.4 updates. Evaluate the 11.4 upgrade Project in relationship to your other upcoming projects. Determine resources and an internal staffing plan. Assess your hardware and environments in preparation for 11.4 SES Evaluation.

Q: For the Medcin to IMO changes for note forms; does this specifically refer to assigning HPI forms to Dx codes or does this apply to the individual findings within the forms

A: There are line items in the V11.4 build workbook that will give you instructions on how to remediate your note forms that have been affected by the IMO introduction. These required updates are ONLY for noteforms that your organization has built or personalized. The Allscripts clinical content team has updated the delivered noteforms for V11.4 and IMO for you already. To answer your question, the line items refer to both scenarios listed, you will need to review HPI problem noteforms after executing the Problem Conversion Tool and add new ICD-10 terms for problems that were not converted by the PMT. As well as to rebuild assessment noteforms to use IMP instead of Medcin, this is so that the newly introduced, “Promote findings” feature will work.