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The Physician Homebase (aka PHB) is an integrated portal that allows clinicians to access a number of healthcare information sources. This browser-based component of Allscripts Enterprise EHR consists of three main areas with access to the following:

  • Dashboard
    • PMS performance indicators
    • External email
    • Personal schedules
    • Assigned tasks
    • Patient demographics
    • TouchWorks EHR patient database
    • Transcribed documents
  • Bookshelf
    • Medical specialty sites offering up-to-date medical articles
    • Online medical sources
    • Continuing education offerings
  • Local Links - unique to the organization


To provide 'Homebase' rights to a user, you need to follow the steps below.

1. Log in as an administrator and navigate to 'Admin'

2. Go to 'Users' and select the user

3. Click on 'Roles/Rights' HTB

4. Click Add and type 'homebase' in the ID section, hit search.

5. Select the HomebaseUser and hit save.

6. Navigate to TWUserAdmin and search for the user

7. Under 'User Details', check the 'Physician Homebase User' check box. - Hit Save.

For the Homebase Tab to appear for the user, you need to make sure that 'Homebase' menu item is added to the users workplace. The ID for homebase menu item is 'PHB'. This should be added to the users workplace from Admin - Menus - Menu Items HTB.

If you are utilizing Physician Homebase as an integrated system with PM, you need to check the 'Linked to PMS' checkbox and provide the 'Practice/Department' and "Provider Name'. This is located under 'Physician Homebase' section in TWUserAdmin.

Applicable Versions: TWEHR 10.x, TWEHR 11.x

Additional Details

Per 11.4.1 HF1 release notes: The Allscripts TouchWorks EHR application has been updated so that the Physician Homebase module now contains only "Local Links" and "Personalize" tabs. Additionally, the Physician Homebase User option in TWUser Admin has been removed.

According to the development team: The data for Bookshelf comes from TW Admin > PHB Comp Admin. Any bookshelf items should be added to the Local Links. If there are any Personal Links then they need to be moved to Local Links.


  • Homebase is generally discouraged in a Citrix environment due to bandwidth and security risks.


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