Note Sections: Input vs. Output

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One of the benefits of being able to have a different order for the input sections vs. the output sections of a note is that they do not need to be in the same order. Therefore, consider the following Note Section Order for your input:

  • Active Problems - this way the patient's active problems open automatically when the provider opens the note
  • Reason for Visit
  • Chief Complaint
  • HPI
  • ROS
  • Physical Exam
  • Results Data
  • Assessment
  • Plan
  • Allergies
  • Medication History
  • (Any remaining histories)
  • Vitals

Workflow: Once the provider opens the note and sees the patient's active problems, he/she clicks "view" to review data entered by the clinical staff. The provider then returns to the note and is easily able to click through the areas of the note that he/she should complete since they are all grouped together.


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