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Menus require some extra steps when loading via SSMT

  1. Load menus using SSMT
  2. Restart IIS Services - IIS Services MUST be restarted after the load for menus to appear in the .Net Framework
    1. Right click on My Computer (when using virtual server, click on the computer icon on the server desktop)
    2. Select Manage
    3. Expand Services and Applications
    4. Click on Services
    5. Select "IIS Admin Service" from list
    6. Click on the "Restart" blue hyperlink
    7. Click Yes
    8. IIS will then restart all services
  3. Check menu setup to verify they are showing up in WF(?) prior to proceeding
    1. Login as 'Admin'
    2. Select 'Menus' from VTB
    3. Select 'Summary' Tab on HTB
    4. Product = 'Touchworks'
    5. Application = 'Touchworks'
    6. Click 'Search'
  4. For the Admin menu structure to display properly for "twappadmin" full privileges must be given to that user.
    1. Login as TWAdmin
    2. Go to the Admin workplace
    3. Go to the Users menu
    4. Search for twappadmin user & Select by clicking on blue link
    5. Go to the Roles/Rights menu
    6. Click on Add
    7. Type "Admin" in the Caption field
    8. Select the blue "Admin" link with Name of "Administratory - Full Privileges"
    9. Click Save