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Importing Images (V11.1.7)


  • Image can't be more than 512kb
  • Image must be a JPG
  • Check with the organizations IT department to determine which cameras are supported


  • Setup a scan import process (How to Import Using Scan), which would allow the user to attach the scan as a separate document within the chart. This option takes some thought and planning.
    An example would be where a camera would then be setup to capture images with sufficient resolution, remembering to ensure that
    the file size was within an acceptable range for scan.  The pictures would then be taken with the camera and the doctor 
    would download them.  The pictures would also need to be named something that would make them easy to identify or they 
    must have the Medical Record Number or some other discrete form of identification within the image.  These files would then 
    be saved to a file share that the physician had access to.  This file share would be monitored a few times a day and the AHS
    team would import those into scan and file them to the appropriate patient chart.  
  • Use the Import button with in the Note. With this feature the user is also able to draw on the imported image with the drawing tools.


  • How will printing and faxing of note be affected if images are imported into the note?
  • How will the network be impacted if images are imported into the note?
  • Is there enough storage space available for the images?