Enterprise EHR Server Fundamentals

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Webcast details

Let Galen’s expert EHR Technicians help you: Understand the basics of TouchWorks EHR servers, including fundamental server roles and their function in delivering various portions of the application. Learn basic server concepts, such as Remote Desktop and Services. Understand key concepts of how EHR data is accessed by other applications, such as interfaces and the Stimulus Set components.

Originally aired: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Presenter: Chad Loseby

Webcast materials

Click here for the presentation slides


Q: Can the message server be split separate for scripts?

A: The message server role can, and should, be split out. One server should be responsible for message/scripts (SureScripts), and separate server(s) should be responsible for the print/fax jobs.

Q: How does Dragon V10.1 work with Citrix and are there known issues?

A: Dragon v10.1 works with both Citrix and TouchWorks EHR as long as you are using the Network Edition of Dragon. There are no other issues that we are currently aware of.

Q: What happens when we run out of drive letters in the scan warehouse? Can there be double letter drives? like AA, BB

A: Windows allows for additional drives to be added as "mount points" which appear as a folder under an existing drive. While the scan image warehouses typically exist on the scan server, they can actually be any Windows file share on the network, even on a different server. If your scan warehouses have grown, you may consider using a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution to host your image warehouses.

Q: Can audio redirection be setup in a MS terminal services environment to allow dictation to work over RDP?

A: In theory, audio recording redirection can be configured for terminal services in Windows Server 2008 R2, however we have not yet encountered it being used at any clients. Citrix offers similar functionality which has been successfully used at clients.