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In this webcast we will explore the capabilities of Dragon speech recognition technology and its ability to communicate with Allscripts EHR. We will explore functionality such as creating and navigating through templates and adding voice commands.

Webcast Materials

Presented January 3rd, 2014

Slide Deck


Q. When using Dragon to insert a healthy ROS does that go in as discrete data for MU requirements?

A. Dictating into a free text box does not include discrete data and therefore will not count towards meaningful use. The ability to input text based macros into different areas as a supplement to discreet data can be very beneficial though.

Q. Can you set the 'Open Allscripts' macro to enter the user name and password?

A. Yes, Macros can be configured to enter in Username/Password information. This practice however, should be carefully thought about before deploying as it does carry a greater security risk.

Q. We've configured a physisican with the microphone attached to his laptop docking station; when I move the microphone to his laptop usb it does not work. How would I change that?

A. Once you've connected the Mic to the computer's usb, try opening up his user profile and adding a new dictation source (re-select the power mic from the list)

Q. When setting up new users, are the buttons you covered automatically defaulted to those controls you covered or is that something that needs to be set up for each user?

A. The Power Mic comes delivered with default controls, however some controls can be changed in the options box under the Power Mic II tab.