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This webcast gives an overview of the Delta Process and ePrescribe. 
'''Q: We had an incident that a new drug was approved but not included with the delta. We had to open a case to get it added. How often is delta researching what new drugs have been added'''?
A: Delta updates the medication dictionary once a week.  Typically, medications are updated on Tuesdays. 
'''Q: Can you recommend a good resource for looking up NCPDP numbers when adding pharmacies manually?'''
A: Call the NCPDP at 480-477-1000.  MediSpan offers an online database called dataQ.  You must have a subscription; however, to search the database.  Talk to a customer service representative about getting access.
'''Q: If medication cannot be found in the ACI or in the dictionary, what could be reason why it’s not there?'''
A: One reason it wouldn’t be in there is because that medication isn’t in MediSpans medication database.
'''Q: Does the provider have to perform the manual eligibility check or can staff do this as well?'''
A: In older versions, it had to be a provider that performed the manual eligibility check. In most recent 11.2.x HF x versions, I’ve seen the manual check being performed by staff successfully.

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