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Text Templates are used in Population Health Management in the Patient Communication function. To use this functionality, the appropriate Text Templates must be configured first. Perform the following steps to configure Text Templates:

1. Within the TWAdmin workplsace, click on the Note Admin VTB.

2. On the horizontal toolbar, click the Manage Text Templates (V11). This will display the Manage Text Templates workspace.

3. From the TW Module box, select Pt Communication. This will filter all existing Text Templates related to Patient Communication.

4. To create a new text template, click the New button. If creating a new Text Template, be sure to select Patient Communication in the TW Module box or the template will not be available to use in the Population Health Management workspace. In this example, our Text Template has already been created, so we will highlight the Text Template and then click the Edit button. Edit the Text Template as needed and then click Save.

Text Template.jpg

The new or modified text template will be available in the Patient Communication workspace upon clicking Save.

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