Care Coordination with Pinpoint

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In this webcast, we talk about care coordination for risk based contracting. We discuss bundled payments and demo a product called PinpointCare that can help your organization succeed in this era of payment reform.

Webcast Materials

Presented 5/13/2015



Q. Is the PinpointCare solution only good for orthopedic organizations?
A. In addition to orthopedics, PinpointCare is also very useful for managing acute and chronic conditions such as diabetes, stroke, chest pain, and more.

Q. We are an ACO. Can we also participate in bundled payments?
A. Absolutely!

Q. How long does it take to implement PinpointCare and what does that process entail?
A. It does not take very long to get started with PinpointCare. Our team can help your organization get up and running on Pinpoint within four weeks.

Q. As a user of pinpoint would I be able to know who to follow-up with when there are gaps in care?
A. Pinpoint users are able to identify who to follow-up with when patients are falling off-plan.


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