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Webcast Overview

Let Galen's expert EHR Consultants help you with: CareGuides: Reviewing CareGuide functionality, setup and maintenance.


Question: How do we get notified of clinical content/CareGuide updates?

Answer: If you are not being notified of clinical content updates, you should contact your account manager.

Question: Will AHS install the updates for us?

Answer: No, the your organization is responsible for installing the CareGuide Content Updates. The instructions for these updates can be found on Support Force Documentation under Clinical Content. The most recent update release is 3rd quarter 2012.

Question: Can the functionality that allows providers to create personalized CareGuide template be turned off?

Answer: No, providers can always create personal templates, but are only able to make certain changes to those templates based on the setting of the preference we discussed earlier, Allow Advanced Personal Editing of CareGuide Templates. This preference is set at the user level and controls whether a provider can make minimal or advanced changes to a personal CareGuide template.

Question: I am a V11.1.7 user, I do not see the CareGuide Admin under the TWAdmin workspace. Where do I make changes and activate my Careguides?

Answer: CareGuide Admin was not created until v11.2. Prior to v11.2 you will need to navigate to the Phys Admin(Physician Admin) Workspace, Select "By Module" and "Base" on the Vertical Toolbar. On the Horizontal Toolbar, click CareGuide Template Management tab.

Question: Can you set an order to be a recurring or scheduled order as a part of the careguide? For example, a Hemoglobin A1C that would be ordered on a recurring 3 month basis.

Answer: Yes, right click on the order and choose the Edit option. From there you can select the Schedule button which will allow you to indicate a scheduled or recurring order for a specific careguide.

Question: Is a log of DTTM created when a patient education is printed out?

Answer: A timestamp is created and attached to the audit trail of each order when the data has committed. Any date and time information for print jobs can be found in the Print Queue.

Question: Does a new careguide release override personal templates?

Answer: Not automatically, no. Regardless of the publishing option you choose when accepting a careguide content update, any changes made to the enterprise version of a careguide tempalte do not affect any personal versions of the same careguide. Right clicking on an Enterprise careguide and choosing "Replace All Personal Versions" will overwrite any personal template with the new Enterprise version including any content updates. This has to be done manually per careguide to overwrite any personal templates.

Question: How long is the mapping process?

Answer: This is a tough question as this process is time consuming and can vary drastically. If your OID items have CPT4 and/or LOINC codes populated, there is a way to automate the mapping process which will sync any existing OCD's to OID's where the CPT4 code matches. If this has not been done, the mapping is a manual process. For more information on mapping, please see OID_OCD_syncing_and_Mapping and Careguide Enablement Tool.

Question: Can we share edits across organizations?

Answer: Yes, since careguides are activated and managed at the Enterprise level, they are shared across organizations. Personal Templates, of course, are unique to the logged in user.

Question: How often does careguide content get updated?

Answer: This is an ongoing process at allscripts and content updates typically get published once per quarter.

Question: Visually on the front end, can you tell if patient education materials or monographs from a carequide has been printed for a given pt?

Answer: All print jobs be seen in the Print Queue on the admin side. On the front end, you are only able to see if the order has been placed in the audit trail. You can also see that a careguide has been used on the encounter by checking the encounter summary. i.e. "Template: Adult Health Exam (Female) 40-49 Years") would indicate that a careguide was utilized on this encounter.


View/download 12/2012 powerpoint slides here

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