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This webcast will take a look at the Allscripts Practice Management application. We will look at Patient Registration and Scheduling


Media:Allscripts PM Patient Registration and Scheduling.pdf Presented January 16, 2015


  • Are you able to set required fields when adding new patients? Can those required fields be highlighted?

Yes, and I highly recommend to set required fields. This makes sure that all necessary information needed to properly file and follow up on a claim is gathered. To do so you will navigate to System Administration>Practice Options>Registration Tab. There is a button for Required Fields. When selecting that button you will see all the fields available in Patient Registration. Mark the column labeled required with a red check mark to activate that field. At the top of this screen is a check box called Highlight Required Fields. If that is marked it will highlight the fields in Yellow that are required.

  • What is the triangle icon next to the SSN?

The triangle allows you to access the patients full SS# when it is truncated.

  • When searching for a patient, can you require that a user search using more than one criteria?

Yes, Again under the System Administration>Practice Options>General Tab at the bottom there is a field called Minimum # of Required Search by Fields. The max is three. Once you change the number from 1 the Exceptions button to the right is activated. Clicking on the exceptions button you are presented with a screen that lists fields available for searching. By placing a check mark in the exception field means those are fields for which the Minimum # of Required Search By Fields DOES NOT APPLY.Link title So if you don’t want a specific field used to search by such as Enterprise Number, then you check that field.