Allscripts PM Interface Engine – Basic Setup and Monitoring

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Webcast Overview

This webcast will provide an overview of the components of an interface in AIE, the interface engine for Allscripts PM. Components that will be covered include connectivity, translation files, trigger events and more. We will also review basic monitoring opportunities for AIE interfaces.


Q. How do you bulk load patients or appointments?
A. AIE does provide a method to bulk load in the utilities section on the left hand bottom of the screen. This historically did not work well for bulk loads of greater than 10K. It would fail somewhere before 10K. It may work better now, but you can also bulk load via a SQL script by inserting the records into the export events table. This is probably the more commonly used method and it provides greater flexibility.

Q. What are some senarios that you would need to modify a stylesheet?
A. There could be various reasons depending on the organization, but one that come to mind is maybe you have a new additional information field that you want to capture data in and send to EHR. You can easily set up the translation to pull that data into an empty PID segment to send to EHR.

Q. What are your common troubleshooting steps when you experience a problem?
A. First check to see if messages are sitting unprocessed that shouldn’t be, then check the activity log for any critical or fatal errors, then look at the export events or import events table for the last record that processed successfully and compare it to the failed record to see what the problem is.


Delivered 6/27/2012: