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Webcast Overview

This webcast will provide an overview of the Allscripts Enterprise PM Database model. In this session we will zero in on the patient demographics and provider data. We will review the tables involved, look at the database diagrams and write T-SQL queries against the database in SQL Server Management Studio.


Q. Can referring providers be removed from PM?
A. Referring providers can be inactivated or can be removed as a referral source to prevent them from showing in the application, but can't be completely removed from the database.

Q. Can you address patient notes?
A. Patient notes are stored in the Notes table where the Note_Type_ID references the Patient Notes type in the Note_Types table.

Q. Are there any tables that we would have to worry about rollback transactions on with using NOLOCK hint?
A. Anytime you are using a NOLOCK hint you have the possibility of pulling back a record that may have been part of a transaction that got rolled back. It is best to run your report at times when you would not be expecting many other transactions to be occurring in the database.


Delivered 4/3/2013: