Allscripts Enterprise EHR - Building Orders (Basics)

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Webcast Details

This will be the first webcast in a series of orders webcasts provided by Galen Healthcare Solutions; each subsequent webcast will build upon the last. This session will cover the elementary concepts of the Orderable Item Dictionary (OID) as well as how to build an order from start to finish. It will include an overview of the controls within the dictionary for non-medication orders and how those controls are used to define orderable items. This session is for users with no formal orders training and/or beginning orders users. The series will progress into more advanced topics which will be offered at a later date. The more advanced topics to include ‘Dictionaries related to the OID’, ‘Orders preferences’, and ‘Orderable item synchronization’.

Questions & Answers from the Webcast

Q: Can we assoicate multiple CPT-4 codes to an orderable item?
Q: What are the differences between Item Modifiers and Additional Information Questions?