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Originally aired: Friday, February 18, 2011 Presenter: Steve Stahr

I'd like to note that a few minutes near the beginning of this webinar were not visible. The issue was on the presenter's side, not the attendees.

Webcast materials

Click here for the presentation slides


Q: Comments to lab - if a physician free texts into that field will it print or is that something that also has to be set in the OID?

A: "Comments to Performing Location", as found under the Additional Information section in the Order Details, are designed to be free texted by the provider at the time of order. They do print onto the standard requisition.

Q: Are there character limits on the specimen instructions field?

A: I tested this out by loading 300 characters into the Specimen Instructions under an item in the OID. When I extracted the item in SSMT, my 300 characters were truncated to 255. Answer Specimen Instructions max characters is 255.

Q: where do you set the text limit for an AOE answer?

A: When the answer type is "Text"' or "Numeric", the value's length can't be restricted other than the maximum established by the database. "# of character to display" and "# of lines to display" are configurations found in Detail 1 section of the 'Additional Information' dictionary that can act as visual queues to discourage lenghty entry, but there is not a fixed means to restrict how many characters are entered by the user.

Q: Can you please show where you got the patient instructions code 1425 again? Answer pending...

Q: Would you have to do multiple Pt. instructions, 1425 1467 etc.. to unique OIDs that are inactive for the Pt. instructions to stay and not be overwritten? Answer pending...