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Webcast details

Originally aired: Friday, February 18, 2011
Presenter: Steve Stahr

  • I'd like to note that a few minutes near the beginning of this webinar were not visible. The issue was on the presenter's side, not the attendees.

Webcast materials

Click here for the presentation slides


Q: Comments to lab - if a physicina free texts into that field will it print or is that something that also hase to be set in the OID?

Q: Are there character limits on the specimen instructions field?

Q: where do you set the text limit for an AOE answer?

Q: Can you please show where you got the patient instructions code 1425 again?

Q: Would you have to do multiple Pt. instructions, 1425 1467 etc.. to unique OIDs that are inactive for the Pt. instructions to stay and not be overwritten?