11.x to 11.2 Assign Security Codes and Users to Classifications

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Assign Security Codes to Security Classifications:

The last step in Security definitions is to assign security codes to the appropriate classification if there were changes in the security gates as well as assigning users to these classifications.

Quick Review of Adding Classifications:

  1. Enter into the TWAdmin <Security Admin < Security < Security Classification
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of pre-existing and pre-loaded Classifications
  3. Press the Add button
    Refer to 11.2 Add or adjust Security Classifications
  4. Assign Security Codes to these new Classifications
  5. Scroll through your Classifications and highlight your new Classification
  6. Once highlighted, scroll down and press the Assign Codes button at the bottom of the page
  7. Pressing this button will bring up another box that will have multiple codes to choose from
  8. From here simply highlight your codes you wish to assign and arrow down your selections
  9. You now must also assign users as well. This is done in the same fashion as assigning codes as you will see the box next to it.

You have now completed changes to the Security Section of the BAW, if you indeed needed to do so in the first place. If changes are made in security, make sure a fresh extraction is inserted in BAW to be reloaded at Go-Live. Or make sure any necessary manual changes are captured in BAW notes. Decide on each of the security content categories and what needs to be reloaded at Go-Live depending on what changes were made. The only items that have to be re-loaded at Go-Live are where changes were made.

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