"Organizational Message" on the login page

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To edit the organizational news message login using TWAdmin and navigate to:

-> PHB Comp Admin on the vertical toolbar.

-> Search for ID "SiteLoginLinks" with the Caption "Organization News."

-> Go to the Details tab and change the Value to what you want displayed.

-> Note: The value field is split into two sections. The first contains the caption name, the name that is viewable on the login screen. The second contains the URL. A pipe divides these sections. A pipe can be inserted by holding shift and clicking the '\' button above 'Enter'. A pipe must dived the caption and the URL for the link to twork. It is easiest to modify the existing links if you have any or you can simply follow the format below: "Galen Healthcare Solutions Website|http:www.galenhealthcare.com"

-> Click save and refresh page.

HTML Support The organizational news item accepts HTML code, so it can be changed to display images, different color fonts, enlarged fonts, scrolling messages, whatever you would like. Here is an example message and the result of entering it.

How to Access TWAdmin -> PHB Comp Admin -> SiteLoginLinks -> Detail (in HTB): If you are editing an existing entry, you don’t need to change the ID column, just the value.

Example In my example below, here is the value I used:

Welcome to Galen Healthcare Solutions

Note that because this feature isn’t implemented perfectly by the framework, the HTML tags can cause bugs in the UI when editing these entries, but they will work great. For example, you can place an image in this section using HTML, but if you bring up the screen in the UI to edit the value, it will truncate most of your value, and if you save it again, it will be lost.  So I recommend backing up the XXX table after making a change here, in case something happens. Here’s an example of what the screen looks like in my example after saving it and going back in to edit. Notice it looks weird because the UI isn’t parsing the HTML properly, but it works perfectly on the login screen.