What version of SQL do I have?

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It is very important to know which version of SQL Server you are running and which build it is. AllScripts only supports certain builds of SQL Server 2000 and 2005 for its products. In newer releases, only SQL Server 2005 and 2008 are supported. Please see the System Environment Specification (SES) document for the version of Enterprise that you are running to determine the required version and build.

The following queries will allow you to determine which version and build you currently have. These need to be run from the query analyzer on the Master database.

  • Display the version (e.g., SQL 2000), build number, processor class (X86, X64), and installation date.
    select @@version
  • Display the Service Pack level.
    select SERVERPROPERTY ('productlevel')
  • Display the current build.
    select SERVERPROPERTY ('productversion')
  • Display the current edition (e.g., Standard, Enterprise).
    select SERVERPROPERTY ('edition')

For information about SQL 2005 builds, see this Microsoft article . For SQL 2000, see this page.