TouchWorks v10 Upgrade Process

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Upgrades within version 10 of TouchWorks are being performed by the Galen Technical Services team. This Wiki is a work in progress of the process for v10 upgrades. We've encountered a number of issues with the upgrade process and would like to outline it clearly here, including any updates.

Outline for General Process

1) Review the list of Customizations in RTI. This can be found under the Custom Prgm tab on the Customer's entry.
2) Confirm the Servers affected by the upgrade (both TEST and PROD).
3) Review the upgrade process for the version that you are upgrade to - see below. If you do not see an entry for the version that you are upgrading to, check with Mike Dow or Brad Wallace.
4) Fill out the Upgrade Workbook - see the version number below. If it doesn't exist for the version you are upgrading to, check withe Mike Dow or Brad Wallace.
5) Upgrade TouchWorks using the steps outlined in the Upgrade Workbook. Make sure to complete the upgrade workbook during the upgrade and subsequent testing.
6) Apply any hot fixes.
7) Upgrade the Interfaces - see below.

OID Preparation

Preparing the OID for the v11 Upgrade


The interfaces must be upgraded when TouchWorks is upgraded. Any new stored procedure parameters must be added to the appropriate message definitions. See Upgrading_ConnectR_Message_Definitions for more information on safely upgrading message definitions without affecting production interfaces.

A list of new parameters, as of 10.2.5 can be found here: TouchWorks v10.2.5 Interface Changes - 3503.pdf

Other interface documentation can be found here:
Inbound_Interface_SP_Documentation Part 1 - 3504.pdf
Inbound_Interface_SP_Documentation Part 2 - 3505.pdf
Outbound Interface SP Documentation - 3506.pdf


You must upgrade use the v10.2.3 upgrade install kit first, unless the client is already on 10.2.3.

Upgrade Workbook.xls


You must upgrade use the v10.2.4 upgrade install kit first, unless the client is already on 10.2.4.


For escalation to AIC/Scan support, TouchWorks development and such, go to: for more information. This requires that you be on the Allscripts VPN.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking must be done in both the Galen Time Tracking system and Allscripts'. Galen time tracking should be done as all other projects, and outlined in the Employee Handbook.

Allscripts Time Tracking should be performed as outlined in Upgrade Team entering time.doc